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Just a quick cover of Beyonce’s XO! Please check it out and I hope you like it! 

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Oh That Man! 

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Captain Hook + Pretense


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TRUE LOVE CHECKLIST inspired by swanismycaptain [x]

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make me choose
asked by anon → colin/jen or and captain swan?

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CS Hiatus meme: [4/6] scenes (retold in words and pictures)

(All the words belong to Ali (singallyouwant)

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I’m going to let the characters answer this one, too! (And this will probably be way AU after the next episode or two, but oh, well):

1. Who made the first move?

Killian: Emma
Emma: Yeah, well, I wanted to wipe that smug look off of your face after saving my father. Besides, we both know who really couldn’t handle it.
Killian: That’s debatable, love.

2. Who said “I love you” first?

Emma: He did.
Killian: I beg to differ.
Emma: You did, though.
Killian: No, I didn’t.
Emma: That time doesn’t count!
Killian: Oh, but it does.

3. Do you fight?

Killian: Aye. Who doesn’t?
Emma: My parents.
Killian: I’ve seen them have a rather nice row a time or two.
Emma: Yeah, I guess you’re right. But they fight less than everyone else. It’s kind of annoying sometimes.
Killian: Mm. I’m inclined to agree.

4. Big spoon/Little spoon?

Killian: I don’t care as long as she’s in my bed.
Emma: Or in my bed.
Killian: I still don’t care. And it’s our bed, love.
Emma: He snores.
Killian: Now, there’s no call for besmirching my good name, lass.
Emma: Really loudly.
Killian: You’ll pay for that.
Emma: (innocent smile) Promise?

5. Who wears the pants?

Killian: I’m man enough to admit that it’s Emma who steers the rudder.
Emma: Really?
Killian: I’m merely a dashing pirate. You’re the savior. And I like a girl who knows her own mind.
Emma: Does that mean you like Regina? Because she definitely knows her own mind.
Killian: Come to think of it, maybe I did chase after the wrong woman.
Emma: (flat look) Is that right?
Killian: I probably wouldn’t have even needed to reform my less-than-noble nature in order to win her heart. But then again, I’ve always preferred a challenge.
Emma: Nice save there at the end, Hook.
Killian: I thought so.

6. Who remembers anniversaries?

Emma: He’s a sap.
Killian: (shrug) I’ve no regrets on that account. Contrary to prevailing opinions, pirates are sentimental fools when it comes to a beautiful lass.
Emma: Yep.

7. Who’s the better cook?

Emma and Killian: Me.
Emma: Are you serious?
Killian: While you’re capable enough, I have the superior skills.
Emma: Wanna bet?
Killian: Name your terms, Swan.
Emma: All right. Tomorrow night: we’ll each prepare our best dish and let David and Mary Margaret decide who’s better.
Killian: Your parents aren’t exactly unbiased, love.
Emma: Then who do you think should judge?
Killian: Henry.
Emma: Henry? My son? You think he won’t be biased?
Killian: Oh, he’s grown quite fond of me. And he’s an honest enough lad.
Emma: Fine. If I win, you don’t get to wear leather for a month.
Killian: And you do, when I win.

8. Favorite activity?

Killian: (smirk)
Emma: (rolls her eyes) Other than that.
Killian: Sailing. Adventure. Quiet makes me restless.
Emma: Yeah. I thought I wanted a nice, quiet life. But when things are settled, I always feel…
Killian: Bored?
Emma: I was going to say that I feel like something bad’s about to happen, you know?
Killian: I won’t deny that seems to be the case, but I also believe you crave excitement.
Emma: I don’t know about that.
Killian: I do. Otherwise, why choose a devilish rogue such as myself as your companion?
Emma: I hate it when you’re right.
Killian: I know, love. I’m sadly irresistible.

9. How would you get engaged?

Killian: I can assure you that when I ask for her hand it won’t be in some restaurant with champagne. I’ll leave that lack of imagination to Zelena’s flying abominations.
Emma: You’re never going to let me live that down.
Killian: Not a single day.
Emma: (raises brow) So, when you ask for my hand?
Killian: True love’s kiss broke Zelena’s curse, lass. I’m fairly certain that means this story ends in a happily-ever-after.
Emma: It’d better.
Killian: Oh, it will. You’ve my word on that.

10. How do you picture your wedding?

Killian: On the high seas at sunset.
Emma: You’ve already got this all planned out.
Killian: Well, I’ve had some time to imagine what I do with you once I won your heart.
Emma: You’re ruining your bad boy image.
Killian: (laughs) Oh, I don’t know about that. Rumple may have a soft spot for Belle, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Why should I be any different?

11. How many children?

Emma: This ought to be good.
Killian: Worried that I want a half dozen strapping sons, Emma?
Emma: Is that what you want?
Killian: (shrug) A brother or a sister for Henry would be nice, wouldn’t you agree?
Emma: Maybe.
Killian: That’s good enough for me, love.


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this is so great omg i read it in their voices and saw them bickering in my head hahaha

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The new jersey craze you set off is hilarious

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